Casino Svenbet – a review on a gaming platform with modern slots and bonus codes

About casino

Already tired of killing your time empty looking for a good online casino? You just can’t decide where it is better to start playing. Or maybe quite the contrary, tried hundreds of sites, but did not find the one on which the game will provide real pleasure? Then this review will help to solve your problem once and for all, because we will consider one of the most interesting casinos of our time, which can only be found on the Internet – Svenbet Casino.

This online casino offers a lot of bonuses, various promotions, the absolute safety of its customers and much more, which now can not be found on other sites.

SvenbetCasino, founded not so long ago, was able to gain the trust of many customers who came to them for the first time, and it takes a lot of effort, because there are a lot of offers on the Internet, so you need to offer something completely special and rare, in order to develop in this business.

Firstly, probably the main feature of this casino is the ability to bet on various e-sports events. This makes the casino more multifaceted, which in turn means more diverse for most customers. Moreover, when e-sports develops almost a bit slower than the gaming industry itself, this offer may turn out to be more successful than ever for casino customers and Svenbet.

It is time to deal with all the pros and cons of the game in this casino, and then summarize and decide whether it is worth the time spent or still there are places where the gamblers will feel much more comfortable and pleasant.


And right away, let’s move on to the most interesting aspect of this casino, namely the ability to place bets.

On the official SvenbetCasino website ( you can find as many as two sections, where you can bet on various sporting events.

At the same time, you can bet on events that are expected only in a month, if you are sure of your bet.

A huge number of sports will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you will find such popular sports as:

  • Basketball;
  • Football;
  • Hockey
  • Tennis;
  • Volleyball; and a huge number of less popular competitions, such as handball or golf.

Betting with Svenbet Casino and winning is very simple.

To begin with, you will need to be shared with the section on the site that you will be entering in order to make your bet. There are two of them, one section is intended for fans of e-sports disciplines, for example, Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG and others. This section is called Esports. The second, where you can find sports that are already familiar to all, is called Prematch.

To make a bet directly, you need to click the result of which you know, depending on the section. After that a betting window will open. You must select an event that may or may not occur. You can bet not only on the victory or defeat of one of the teams or players, there are also many other transactions. There is no difficulty in betting on the total score the number of corners in football, penalties in basketball and much more.. If it is an eSports then the duration of the game or any other events that you find on this page. The larger the odds, the greater the gain you can get if the bet goes in, but the likelihood that the event will happen decreases. And Naturally, you cannot make a bet without an account on the SvenbetCasino website, so now let’s figure out how to create one and start betting on sports or in a casino.

How to login

For a new user, the casino will not make up a friend to have their first gaming account, because it really does in a matter of seconds.

In order to start the registration process, go to, or rather, to the casino main page, after which we see the Registration button in the upper right corner. It is not difficult to guess what you need to click on it in order to start the process itself.

Once on the registration page, you will need to enter the simple information that is required on all sites of this type in order to avoid scammers among gamblers.

Before you begin, you can choose your preferred language among the five presented on the site, including English, German and 3 more

After choosing a convenient language, on the initial user registration form, you need to enter your email address, come up with a complex password In order for the password to be strong enough, you need to use capital letters and numbers, as well as special characters. After that you repeat the password.

The next step will take much longer, because more information will be needed.

All the necessary personal information, including the name and surname of the user, address of residence, country, phone number, postal code, all this will need to be indicated on this page, but the list is not limited to this. In addition, you need to enter your gender, choose the currency with which you will replenish your wallet on the site, as well as agree or refuse notifications by:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • With the help of phone calls.

If you have a bonus code, you can use it right at the end of registration at Svenbet Casino. Remember the data specified during registration, Yu, because if they are lost, you will have to wait for recovery. In case of loss of data for which the casino account has been registered, you can always restore the password using a special function on the site or thanks to the support work.

You can find a huge number of settings without directly leaving your LC. For example, you can make deposits and withdrawals. View the history of all transactions in your account and the history of the games you have logged in.

In addition to this, you can always set various restrictions on your personal account.

This means that you can set the maximum deposit amount, and so on, all in order to make the casino client feel comfortable. It is always worth remembering that having fun is the main goal of the game on such online platforms, and winning is already a secondary task, especially since only the elite are lucky. Play for fun.

How to have fun?

Actually now we will talk about what won the hearts of many gamblers who have been playing on this site for more than one year, namely excellent high-quality games and live casinos, which have no equal.

Here you can find games developed by such worldwide providers as NetEnd, Pragmatic Play, Best SOFT, Endorphy and many others.

Finding the right slot has never been this easy. Use sections that are conveniently placed on the site in the upper center.

If the purpose of your visit is slots, then no doubt enter this section. After completing this action, another window will open with all the slots that are present on the site. For ease of navigation, from this section you can filter games by provider and by section. For example, there are sections such as Video Slots, New, Top and many others.

If you know exactly what game you want to occupy yourself for the next few hours, then to find it, simply enter the name in the corresponding box, which further simplifies the life of gamblers.

Game quality is equally good when using SvenbetCasino from a PC or from a mobile phone. Yes, you can also go to the casino website using your mobile phone, and you don’t need to download third-party software from the website or playmarket, just open the link in your mobile browser and start playing any games.

Unfortunately, there is no function to test games without an account, but by registering you can try some games.

Also, the live casino, which operates 24/7, will delight its users with great games such as blackjack, roulette, poker. More than twenty live games can be found on their website where you will look at the dealer in real time, chat with other people and enjoy a real casino at home.

Promotions and bonus codes

In order to attract as many new customers as possible and not let the old ones leave, online casinos often pamper them with various promotions, no deposit bonuses and introductory offers that simply amaze you with their generosity.

Let’s start with what any newcomer who decides to test their luck with Svenbet will get.

It is worth considering that the chosen bonus depends on the direction of the gambler in the casino. If you registered to play in a live casino, then choose one bonus, if you like the slots more, the second bonus will be better, and for betting on sports events, the third option is more suitable.

For those who are interested in live casinos, the offer is as follows:

You can get up to 100% bonus on your first deposit, which is from 25 to 400 euros or dollars, it already depends on the currency that you chose for your calculations. In any case, by depositing your first money into the account, you will receive such an amount from above. For example, put 70 euros, while 70 euros will instantly be in an additional account.

In order to withdraw the entire amount in the future, you will need to place bets on an amount that is 40 times the bonus amount and exclusively on games that can be found in the Live Casino section.

Only when you make your very first deposit, you can get this bonus, after which it will be unavailable, even if you have not used it before.

Other casino users who prefer to play slots can receive a 120% first deposit bonus. In this case, the maximum bonus amount will be as much as 1200 dollars / euro. As for the rules for using and withdrawing the bonus, they practically do not differ. The only difference is that in this case you need to use the bonus only on the section with slots, in others it will not work.

And the last, third proposal, which will be of interest to those who want to bet on sports, rather than in a casino. This bonus is not so big, but the risks are less, because it all depends not on the random number generator, as is the case with slots, but on your prediction, which is based on certain facts.

In any case, a 100% bonus up to $ 100 will seem like a nice present for any player.

Deposit options

Making a deposit this trifling matter on this resource. All you need is to have your account ready. After that, using the options of your personal account, we go to the page with the transfer of funds.

Finding her is not difficult. Simple instructions that are understandable to everyone will become a guide to depositing money into your account.

We pass to the secure page where the data of your cards and Internet wallets will be safe. After that, we select the appropriate deposit method, which depends on where you are and in which country. Next, you will need to specify the exact details. Check several times the correctness of all the specified data, as well as that all the fields are filled in to avoid unnecessary trouble with overflowing.

After that, you can confirm your payment and the money will be credited to your account in seconds.

If any problems occur, then try to refresh the page, perhaps due to a slow Internet connection it will give an error, or use the support services that will try to explain the essence of the error to you as quickly as possible. In any case, this happens very rarely.

Also, note before replenishment that to play on the site you must be 18 full years. Otherwise, in the future, even if you can win something, withdrawing funds from the account will fail due to the verification of the account, which we will talk about right now.

Withdrawal and verification

So, here everything is not so simple, because in order to withdraw funds from the account for the first time, you must go through the process of verifying your account. How does this happen?

To do this, you will need to upload photos of some of your documents to the site of this casino. Without this, in any way, because the huge number of scammers trying to trick the casino, as well as the many minors who want to register, led to such an outcome of events that now all legal casinos require confirmation of age, identity, place of residence and payment method with the help of a scan copies of documents or their photos.

Read the detailed instructions on the site before taking a photo, because if you forget about it, then you can regret it. Processing of documents takes a long time, so no one will want to download them a second time and wait for a solution to your question.

After you receive an email notification about the result of the verification and verification of your account, you can make your first withdrawal. To do this, you just need to request funds in your personal account, indicating all the necessary wallet or card details, as well as confirming the withdrawal. After that, the money will be credited to your account within 5 business days.


Representatives of the support team will always help customers in difficult times and answer any questions, because this is the purpose of their work.

The answer does not take much time, I will be very informative and useful, and before you start working with SvenbetCasino it is best if you read the section with the most frequently asked questions. In order to contact support, you need to find the Contact Ac section, where the email address will be indicated on which you can apply for professional help.

Michael S. Ballard